Reading is a multifaceted cognitive process that involves Word Recognition, Comprehension and Fluency as a means of language acquisition, communication and sharing of ideas and information. It is the foundation of literacy.

When learners become good readers, they become fast and efficient problem solvers who use meaning and syntax as they quickly and efficiently decode unfamiliar words.

On the other hand, if the learner is a struggling to read, he/she will have difficulty decoding and blending words which will hinder his/her fluency in speech thus affect his/her comprehension and interrupt their thought process.

Harvard Little Literacy™ helps strengthen reading foundation through both whole language approach and phonological development. It targets to help fortify a child’s oral language development, receptive and expressive language and grammar. It also enables a child to move beyond the basic skills in reading from basic phonemes to higher levels of phonological and reading development.

Through an array of learner-centred, interactive and multi-sensorial activities, this programme develops listening, receptive and expressive language, conceptual skills and oral and comprehension skills that motivates a child to read thus, engaging them in the learning process of becoming a confident reader.

It comprises of these Literacy Domains which are crucial in developing exceptional readers namely, Alphabet and Phonological Development, Pre-Reading/Reading and Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar and Pre-Writing/Writing Skills.

As Harvard Little Literacy™ inculcates these domains in the session plans, learners will have a progressive and successful approach to literacy thus, building them up with the basic foundations designed to strengthen the holistic individual.

It is recommended for children who are 18 months to 6 years old:
  • who seek to build a strong foundation in phonics, reading, spelling and comprehension
  • who takes English as Second Language (ESL)
Alphabet and Phonological Development
  • Exposure and participating in singing and reciting to songs, rhymes and poems to enjoy carried literacy genre
  • Introduction, recognition and identification of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Manipulation and segmentation of sounds and words
Pre- Reading/ Reading and Comprehension
  • Usage of PM Levels 1 to 14 books
  • Reading of Bridge List Sight Words
  • Oral and written comprehension skills
  • Association, recognition and identification of words and pictures for each letter
  • Basic and advanced cognitive concepts
  • Introduction, imitation and identification of basic grammar concepts
  • Enhancing sentence structure and usage
Pre-Writing/ Writing Skills
  • Tearing, crumpling, throwing, cutting, pasting and doodling skills
  • Manipulation of fine motor resources
  • Tracing and writing letters and numbers
  • Formulation and writing of sentences and stories