Ethical Policies

  • We treat every child and client with equality regardless of their race, religion, nationality, occupation and income status.
  • We provide professional recommendations with the best interests of the individual child and his/her development in mind as our top responsibility (though these may not always concur with parents’ instantaneous likes at times).
  • Our top-most priority is the education, development and best interests of the child, high above money-making and customer-service to please at all cost, as such may affect our authenticity and integrity as educators.
  • We do not overpromise, guarantee or/and predict the specific intervention timeframe required. Every child of varying abilities progresses at varying speed and areas/ domains. Our outstanding track record speaks for itself.
  • We believe in the potential of all people.
  • We encourage and protect mutual respect, dignity and safety. Enrolment will be terminated without any refund if client(s) or/and learner are offensive or/and abusive towards any of our staff or/and property.
  • We do not disclose our client’s (i.e. the learner) information to third parties, unless written permission is given by parents/guardians.