FAQs on Financial Subsidies

There are no government subsidies provided at our centre. However, as a Social Enterprise (SE), a part of our social mission is to make our fees affordable by providing subsidies from our own revenue.

You may join our membership to enjoy member/subsidised rates. Our financial subsidies are also available to all who qualify regardless of race, language, religion and nationality.

Learners from lower-income families can apply for further financial subsidies.

Bridge Learning SE Financial Subsidies are disbursed from our revenue, from our own pockets. Funds are set aside to provide subsidies to learners from low-income families. Through such subsidies, children are able to gain access to high quality learning support and specialised intervention.

Bridge Learning unequivocally believes that accessible education is the catalyst game changer for lives. Children from low-income families should not be deprived of high-quality diagnostic learning support, specialised intervention programmes and services.

For families whose family income is S$ 4,500 and below, you may apply for our Financial Subsidies.

Profits gained (if any) are also ploughed back to worthy charitable and social causes. Here at Bridge Learning, we believe in giving back to the community. We have spearheaded and participated in numerous social projects. This includes building a school for the poor in a Myanmar village as the previous was dilapidated. Parents who entrust their children with us are contributing indirectly to these wonderful social causes too.

We are a pioneer SE, established before the movement becomes known in Singapore. We are also an SE recognized and supported by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), then MCYS.

As a Social Enterprise, we provide subsidies from our own revenue. In order to enjoy member rates for the enrolment and programme fee, membership is required. One-time payment of S$200 to enjoy life- time membership.