Parents’ Reviews & Testimonials

Constance Gow

After a few terms of Bridge programmes, suddenly, one day (Primary 5, 3rd quarter of 2008) Caris could hear intently every word we spoke. Since that day, she has been listening to every word in a spoken sentence and would even correct others’ oral mistakes.

With improved listening, she also improves in speech. She would express her thoughts and feelings more freely. Finally, I felt that my girl no longer has Auditory Processing Disorder(APD). She was diagnosed with APD in Primary 2, 2005. Thanks to her early intervention specialists and Bridge Learning!

Katherine Yap

I am pleased with the orientation and education effort provided by Bridge Learning that has brought out the learning interest in my nephews, Lionel and Amos Yap.  Lionel was a challenge as he was very slow in his learning and everything he does. But after about a year with Bridge Learning, he has shown tremendous improvement.  For example, now he can remember his spelling within an hour as compared to taking days to remember previously.

Through the methodology adopted by Bridge, it has given both Lionel and Amos the opportunity in realising how learning can be made facile despite their learning difficulties. I would definitely recommend Bridge Learning to other parents!


I always feel the warmth when I enter the school. The centre manager and other teachers greet Ashwin by his name with a smiling face. His teacher also welcomes him with a smile. I have seen progress in my son in this short period of time (about less than a term only), which is really unbelievable.

None of the other schools that my son has attended actually taught me these home-plans and school activities which seem to work for him. He actually started to problem solve some of the activities I gave him at home which he never did before. I have faith and strong belief that my son will progress very well with Bridge Learning methodology and comprehensive programs. Thank You!

Tan San San

The teachers have gone beyond the call of duty to stay behind with Shu Min on many occasions just to ensure that she is alright when I’m late in picking her up. Their sincere care for the children at your centre deserves recognition.

Shu Min has only been with Bridge Learning for a few months. Although it is still too early to see visible results in terms of grades, what is apparent and highly important, is that the Bridge Teachers and programmes have instilled in her an excellent attitude to learning.

She clearly appears more motivated and driven in what she does. What stands out is also her love for going to the centre to learn. Clearly, your entire team of teachers must have played a big role in encouraging and inspiring her by showing that they care. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you!

Sangeetha Sinnivasan

My son, KK has been attending Bridge Learning and Harvard Little for almost 2 months. We are absolutely delighted that KK is a student in Bridge Learning under the tutelage of Ms. Melissa, Ms. Crystalyn & Ms. Sharon. Their teaching style(s) and utmost dedication has really formed an impression on KK. Not only has KK thrived and excelled beyond our belief in this short time period, he also displays so much enthusiasm towards attending school. His social, academic and behavioural skills have improved considerably too. The teachers constantly keep us informed on KK’s progress and offer constructive advise on ways to help him at home.

Bridge Learning is indeed a special find and we are truly blessed to have such dedicated teachers in KK’s life. 

Elvinna Hisham

As parents, we want the best for our children. It saddened me noticing my child struggled coping with her academics, social interaction with others and her self-confidence. I need to do something and as options were limited, my wife and I turned to Bridge Learning. It is a do or die mission. We were explained in depth of the programs they provided and we trusted them. As days and months progressed, our daughter showed improvements. She build her self-confidence from a timid and fearful of new environment to a brave little one who embraced new challenges. She showed resilience whenever new tasks were given and made vast progression. Her speech improves and she is now able to recognise alphabets / numbers and speak in sentences. Her memories, listening and focusing on details improves tremendously that her therapist in NUH CDU recognised it. Thank you Bridge Learning for believing in my daughter. We know that there is a still a long way to go for my daughter but we are very happy with the improvements she has made so far. 

Mdm Pan  

My son was diagnosed with mild ASD, GDD and SPD by KKH child development in late 2017 and he couldn’t speak out at the age of 3 year old. We proceed with the plan to attend EIPIC in CCK given for him and end up it doesn’t work out. My son was bitten by his peer in the class at least twice a week and the centre ignore my complaint. During July 2018, I caught the class teacher playing with her phone, leaving 1 girl crying on floor another 2 kids fighting. I told the social worker about it and nothing was done also.

I was quite stress and depressed not knowing what to do. A mummy in the parents’ group chat recommended me to try out Bridge Learning. I decide to book an appointment with them for viewing the place. During the visit, we schedule a Dynamic Diagnostic assessment for my son in August 2018. Under that we are able to identify my child strengths and weakness that can affect learning during the discussion. We are given an individualised development progress profile plan.

In December 2018, we decided to enrol him into the personalised one to one intervention program and Nero Gym program. The school offers a variety of programmes customised to the specific needs of each child. My child had tremendous improvement in speech, social skill, fine and gross motor skill and have better communication with us since then.

Their early Intervention specialists are all trained and has working experience. They are also patient and caring too. We even had text communication through phone to exchange our feedback. They have programs help children to achieve their learning, development, social and emotional goals. They even have financial subsidy for low- income families knowing that it is not easy for a mother like me to handle such bills. I strongly encourage you to enrol your child over here.

Mohdhar Adriana Bashadi 

When you light up one matchstick in a dark room, the light is dim. However, when you light up a few matchsticks together, the light is brighter. Similarly, it takes a team to raise kids who are able to shine brightly.

The whole Bridge Learning team – Centre Manager, Diagnostician, Education Specialists, Driver, Housekeeper are awesome. They are friendly, helpful and dedicated. The Centre Manager updates information & answers questions promptly. Diagnostician and Education Specialists are very knowledgeable, caring and lively. They always share good advise and suggestions. Well done, Bridge Learning team!

The program fees are reasonable. The allocated timing for each session is sufficient. The structure and content of the programs are relevant and catered for different kids.

Our son enjoyed Bridge Learning fun-filled programs. He started with the Gym program. Then, he attended Auditory Pro and IEI programs. These programs have transformed him from a shy to a confident and independent boy. Auditory Pro improved our boy’s attention and listening skills. Of course, top in our favourite list is the IEI program. The one-to-one sessions benefited our son so much. He received full attention from the Education Specialist. He was able to develop many essential skills. We purchased some of the recommended learning aids and we practised it with our boy at home. Fun activities and sometimes can be mind-challenging.

As much as we would like our children to shine, we believe other parents would like their kids to shine too. We highly recommend parents to bring along their children to visit Bridge Learning centre and enrol in the programs. 

Lim Pei Shan

We want to express our gratitude to all the Teachers, Aunties and Teacher Sharon of Bridge Learning, especially Teacher Kim for guiding my son with so much patience and love. Someone who is genuine elated by all the little progress that he made and we are sincerely thankful! 

We have been to numerous schools (ranging from 400/month to 2500/month) as well as visited a psychologist, Behaviour therapist, speech therapist, occupation therapist for the past few years to learn how we can guide him. We are blessed that we have finally found the right place for my son whom have improved tremendously within a short period of 3 months of day school and early intervention at Bridge learning.

The teachers and management works closely amongst themselves and as well with us on all the progress and milestones that he hits. You can see the passion, love and delicate in them when guiding the little ones. 

There is no room for discrimination, only improvements and ways to guide the little ones. Thank you all sincerely from our hearts.

This is definitely the place where I will recommend even though we need to drive more than an hour in the morning traffic to reach the school 😂

Chin Hui Leong

Wen is our only child. At three years old, we knew that we needed to get her help with her speech and her development. We also knew that getting her help at her current age was going to be critical in her long-term development. It was a big, big decision for us to make. We felt like had one shot at this, and we needed to make it count.

Like any new parent, the options are numerous. We visited at least five other different centres. However, none of them came close to what Bridge Learning could offer in terms of price (on an apples-to-apples comparison) and intervention approach.

We are thankful that our childcare centre (DayStar) recommended Bridge Learning and vouched for Bridge Learning’s impact on improving children. In short, Wen has gone from knowing less than 50 words to three-to-four word phrases in less than six months. That’s far beyond what we had expected. Best of all, Wen was able to adapt almost immediately.

We noticed that each teacher will take time to teach good manners (cover your mouth when you cough) and social skills (insisting on a proper hello and a proper goodbye). Wen has picked up good manners from the Bridge Learning teachers.

Wen’s regular teacher, Sabrina, has taken time to ask us the areas where we need help (we appreciate that) and she is always jovial which rubs off on Wen. All the staff, including the admins, the cook, the driver, the founder, the teachers, and all the children have created a welcoming learning environment where my child is able to mix with children, play with them and most of all …. be happy. Not all results are measured in academic or occupational terms. Seeing Wen happily playing or mixing with the other children brings the biggest joy to us.

Mrs Tan

My child was first diagnosed at 18 months (2016) to be developmentally delayed with a rare genetic condition. We were told by the doctor to select an EIPIC centre from their list and unfortunately Bridge Learning was not one of them. We were very new to this at that time and selected a centre near our home and subsequently enrolled him into a mainstream preschool when he was four years old.

After reading a lot of books related to advancement in Neuroscience, we were dissatisfied with the extremely slow progress at the EIPIC centre. He was kept in the same class for two years doing simple activities and not allowed to move on because he was not toilet-trained. What really pushed us into action for change was the unkind treatment my child and I faced at the mainstream preschool. Altogether, we spent two years at the EIPIC centre and six months in the mainstream preschool.

Our search brought us to Bridge Learning. We were excited that activities are designed to stimulate the brain based on neuroscience research. A plus point is that they had preschool (Harvard Little) and intervention (Bridge Learning) at the same place. It cuts away the tiring journey of bringing our child from one place to another on a daily basis.

He enrolled at Bridge Learning and Harvard Little at 4.5 years old. Within six months, we saw improvements in him.

Some improvements we saw to-date
  1. From being prone to falling when he walks to being able to run, go up and down the stairs without support, catch a ball.
  2. From barely talking to fuller sentences, able to express what he wants, comment on a situation and singing the entire song, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.
  3. From zero literacy to recognition of numbers, colours and the alphabet.
  4. From being fed to being able to feed himself and improvements in various self-help skills.
  5. From very weak fine-motor skills to being able to hold a pencil properly.

He definitely enjoys going to school.

Advantages of Bridge Learning Programmes
  1. It offers intervention even at primary school level. This is unlike the EIPIC referred to us where intervention ends when they go into primary school.
  2. Except for public holidays, Sundays and certain breaks (< 1 week), lessons are conducted daily, so there is no big gap in intervention that could cause regression. This is unlike the EIPIC he attended previously which does not open during school holidays and yet fees are to be paid.
  3. As the preschool and intervention is in the same school, the teachers can discuss and have the same approach for the child.
  4. Intervention is an intensive brain stimulating one-hour session, one child to one intervention specialist filled with challenging activities. Goals are measurable and parents can get an updated report after 20 sessions. Unlike the EIPIC he attended previously where the actual duration for one-on-one intervention is about 10-15 minutes.
  5. Harvard Little learners are grouped together based on ability instead of age, therefore learners need not wait for a full year before they are progressed on to the next stage.
  6. Harvard little curriculum are kept current and are interesting, preparing them for primary school, eg. they learn coding for higher levels.
  7. They look into Neuroscience advancement and intervention takes a wholesome approach which includes recommendations for nutrition and physiotherapy. Plans and recommendations are made for the betterment of the child.
  8. The teachers are knowledgeable, sincere, kind and passionate about what they do and each child is treated like their own.

They have a great team there.

Tan H.L

Our son was diagnosed with Global Development Delay. Previously, we sent him to a certain early intervention centre. For two years we did not see significant improvement. We decided to make a switch and enrolled him in Bridge Learning. Three months into his IEI, we already observed improvements in his gross motor movements. After one and a half years, his fine-motor skills have improved (e.g. colouring within boundaries), gained a lot more vocabulary and we saw a lot more dexterity in his gross motor movements. We want to thank Teacher Sharon, Teacher Crys and Teacher Kim for laying the foundation.

There were several aspects that BL stood out for us. All the activities designed by BL are ultimately to stimulate the brain, which is what our son urgently needs. Through the short chats we had while fetching our son to/from the centre, the Specialists were generous to share the principles behind those exercises. It equipped us with the right understanding so that we could implement some of them at home. Their IEI goals were systematically outlined and measurable (e.g. to hit a ball standing x metres away for y trials). We know that as a team, they often discuss my son’s (and certainly other children’s) progress so that my son could benefit from the collective wisdom of the team.

We know the teachers genuinely loved the children. Once, our son had to undergo a surgery. They came to show concern by assuring him everything would be ok. We are really grateful to have found a caring community for our son.

There is a lot more that my son must catch up in his development. We will continue to enrol him in Bridge Learning.

Haz Haz

No words can describe my gratitude towards Bridge Learning, her teachers and Ms. Areena. My child started her journey with Bridge Learning since she’s in K2 and recently, she’s a proud graduate from primary school. When people around us kept telling me how my child will have a tough time ahead and not to expect too much, the teachers at bridge learning held fast to our hands and supported us on our challenging journey together. Teachers are extremely dedicated and genuinely caring, we fostered a great relationship beyond the classrooms. The curriculums are carefully planned out according to my child’s individual needs and are well executed. I’m constantly being updated on the progress of my child and as my child slowly blossom, they never fail to celebrating every milestones she conquered. 

Joash Tan

Bridge Learning is a great school for preschooler to start with.


The school has a playground liked theme setup that is enticing to most kids. Especially the slide is my boy’s favourite that is a not to be missed spot daily. The premises are regularly cleaned by kids loving cleaners which maintain a very high standard of hygiene. Kids falling sick rarely occurs as far as I can remember.


Teacher to children ratio is generously low and appropriate. For this reason, the teachers are able to understand your children in great depth and administer more befitting coaching based upon individual child needs.
We are often impressed by these professional and dedicated educators wholesome and detail assessment of our child development during the meet the parents session. It is almost equivalent to a neurological report that even touch on sensory and auditory skills.


Harvard Little Brain School has an unique 5Qs curriculum that focuses on “shaping” the brain rather than “stuffing”. Which mean they don’t just stuff your child with multiplication tables or ABC stuffs that are to be diligently recited and memorised daily. Their focus strategy is to condition and develop the brain before loading what your kid can handle. While I did doubt its effectiveness initially before enrolment as it is a newly setup school without proven track record then.

Now I can attest that this strategy does work and is logically in a way like you don’t expect a baby to talk in their infant stage.

My boy is a good testimony of the program effectiveness.

Now in a new school. My boy is observed to constantly outperform most of his current classmates. His attentiveness, wittiness, inquisitiveness and quick understanding often amazed his present teachers quite a lot.

However we do know that Bridge Learning’s special programme and the passionate educators played a big part in this desired outcome.

We would sincerely like to thank Bridge Learning and the teachers for their dedicated noble works.

We wish you all the best in your mission to create more great little leaders.