BEE Online Screening Assessment

The world’s first integrated web-based e-portals that screen, manage, formulate, customise individualised intervention plans and generate reports for practical hands-on work for child development and early intervention works for children with learning difficulties & developmental needs. With support & funding from SPRING Singapore.

World First’s Innovation

Our Intellectual Property is set to revolutionize the psycho-educational landscape locally & worldwide.

    1. World’s first free e-diagnostics Online Learning Assessment (OLA) for identifying various learning difficulties & developmental needs.
    2. World’s first D.I.Y. online early intervention subscription for parents & caregivers.
    3. World’s first comprehensive full-suite web-based professional system with IP for Cross/Non-Categorical, interdisciplinary specialised intervention. It screens, manages, formulates, generates individualised educational intervention, reports and research capabilities.
    4. World’s first e-system with algorithms to collect and harvest data for lacking Asia research works that will bring great benefits for children with learning difficulties. 
Parents D.I.Y ePortal (Parent – Clients)
    • Free OLA for parents with results showing domains of weaknesses/deficient learning skills/learning difficulties for explicit development/ intervention
    • Parents may add or delete the domains of learning skills needed to add to the cart for subscription.
    • Parents to e-subscribe to the e-portal on half-yearly or yearly subscriptions whereby customised educational intervention plans are sent to parent’s account on a 3-weekly basis.
    • Each year, parents will have about 100 intervention personalised strategies/activities to do with the child, based on the developmental domains they need help in. For example, domains include cognitive development, neuro-gross motor, social-communication, auditory memory, visual processing skills.
    • Easy-to-use tool that provides parents with ready-made intervention plans customised to individual’s child’s needs for D.I.Y. intervention, at own time & convenience.
    • Parents may obtain free graphical reports when return to key in progress feedback. 
Professional ePortal (Licensees)

Watch an introduction of BEE Online Early Intervention Portal for Franchisee here! 

    • Professionals can access & use the whole IP to customise the specialised IEP intervention to individual learning needs and development, through licensing/franchising model.
    • The login access for professionals is more extensive with full-suite end-to-end services, from screening to planning, customisation, execution, managing, reporting & generation of individualised intervention plans.
    • The banks of defined strategies and activities for each developmental domain, along with its goals and benchmarks, just by clicking to select, is a radical innovation without precedent.
    • A practical tool much needed by practitioners to enhance their professionalism and provide the practical know-how for effective intervention.
    • Back-end algorithms for data harvest, analytics & Asian research.