Parents' Testimonials

Flowerlet (Parent of Aarya)

Our son enjoys going to Bridge, this is mainly due to the committed professional specialists there, they have definitely helped us overcome many of the developmental concerns we had about our child. We are confident in a short while our child will become as capable as his peers, if not better.

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Liona Neo (Parent of Norman)

All the teachers, including the office attendant, was very warm. They know the kids by heart and show genuine concern for the children. Norman loves to come to Bridge Learning while we were worried about the long hours that will bore or tire him, but these worries were unfounded.

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Benjamin Yeo (Parent of Geremie)

Geremie enjoys the Bridge Art’EQ Therapy programme very much, doing all the different types of art works. He will also share with me the tasks/games that he needs to learn/play after each lesson. He is currently doing well in school and I am glad with the progress after all these years.

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Eunice (Parent of J-En and Z-En)

Our kids have always been looking forward to attending the fun and enriching classes by Bridge Learning every week. We sincerely thank the staff of Bridge Learning and would like to let them know that every hard work and dedication are very much appreciated by the parents and our kids.

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Carol (Parent of Aiden)

We would like to put on record a note of thanks to Aiden’s early intervention specialist. She has been instrumental in shaping up my child’s overall learning and developmental delays. We are very pleased with Aiden’s progress and hope that Bridge Learning will continue to teach and reinforce good learning habits and shaping their behaviour.

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Mr Tang (Parent of Wan Yi)

To me, Wan Yi’s current development and progress is a miracle! Initially, he could not talk and express himself at all. After one year of having lessons in Bridge Learning, he improved tremendously. Wan Yi can speak and express what he wants better with more eye contact with the family. His kindergarten teachers and principal have also commented on his…

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