VisualPro™ is a customised brain workout for your child’s cognitive development through strengthening visual perceptual processing abilities and brain speed. With the personalised trainer feature, it continually measures performance and adapts each brain exercise in difficulty according to the optimum training level.

It is the latest neuroscience-based programme added to Bridge Learning’s expertise of brain architecture development.

Visual perceptual processing refers to the active process of locating and extracting information from the environment that involves our visual cognitive skills. These skills allow us to process, organise and interpret meaning from the visual information that we gain through our sight. The easier, speedier and more accurate it is to extract information (perceive), the easier our thinking process becomes. (Adapted from Perception: the basic process in cognitive development by Forgus – McGraw-Hill, 1966)

Visual perceptual processing is a central brain architecture cornerstone that impacts every day skills, self-esteem, academic and play performance. It affects important tasks such as reading, spelling, writing, cutting, completing math problems, puzzles and dressing.

Visual perceptual deficits may lead to difficulties in learning, recognizing, remembering letters and words, learning basic mathematical concepts of size, magnitude, and position, confusing likeness and minor differences, mistaking words with similar beginnings, distinguishing the main idea from insignificant details, and poor handwriting. You may have perfect 20/20 vision and can still have visual perceptual processing difficulties.

Visual perceptual processing includes visual discrimination, visual figure ground, visual closure, visual memory, visual sequential memory, visual form constancy, visual spatial relationships, visual-motor integration, visualisation, visual span and speed.

Attention, brain speed, memory, people skills, navigation, and intelligences improve efficiently when both visual perceptual processing and auditory processing abilities are strengthened and developed.

In order for visual processing and brain speed to be optimal, an accurate, reliable and speedy sensory processing is crucial. Hence, we incorporated our proprietary Bridge NeuroGym™ in the VisualPro™ curriculum to bolster the programme’s efficacy. Sensory activities and practical applications accompanied with brain stimulation, provided through the software, are needed to boost progress speed and reduce regression rate.

Highly Essential For Children
  • Strengthen visual perceptual processing, memory, and repertoire of skills
  • Enhance brain speed and intelligences
  • Improve attention span and concentration
  • Pre-schoolers and primary school learners who desire strong repertoire of visual skills
  • Experiencing slow brain speed, conceptual, memory, attention and visual processing difficulties
  • Suspected or diagnosed with Dyslexia, Asperger Syndrome and/ Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

VisualPro™ is suitable for learners 6 years and above only.

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