Did You Know?

Many children are misdiagnosed as having Dyslexia when their root difficulties go unnoticed or excluded under categorical/label-focused assessment. Generally, auditory processing (processing sounds), and/ or combined with other difficulties such as spatial challenges may manifest symptoms that look like Dyslexia.

Auditory Processing (AP) + Visual Processing (VP) + Spatial Difficulties + Reading Difficulties = May manifest similar Dyslexia symptoms

More Than Phonics!™ strengthens a child’s reading proficiency by galvanizing in two areas; through whole language approach and phonological development. Reading is an integral foundation to building a child’s literacy ability.

Reading is a child’s first step towards literacy. With proper first steps, you child will yield many successive steps towards impeccable literacy ability.

Children have to progress beyond flashcards and letter sounds to higher levels of phonological development (fluent blending, decoding, phonological sequencing, multiple-spellings and advanced language structures etc.). These are crucial skills in the development of a remarkable reader. Besides possessing a strong phonics curriculum, More Than Phonics™ focuses on honing a child’s aural, oral and comprehension skills through an array of multi-sensorial activities tailored for each child.

In More Than Phonics!™ sessions, we facilitate interaction opportunities and real life applications so that your child is able to demonstrate his/her reading abilities, expressive and receptive language. We create a nurturing environment and allows your child the space to develop a genuine interest in reading.

In addition, our Early Intervention Specialists are trained to identify other developmental domains (e.g. auditory processing, conceptual development, visual spatial etc.) that a child may be lacking in order to read and comprehend well.



  • Reading is a child’s first step towards literacy. Your child will be learning on the literacy highway when the reading foundation is strong.
  • Whole language and phonological development integrated approach.
  • Pre-Reading/Emergent Reading/Advanced Reading Levels.
  • Professional programme beyond letter sounds, flashcards and rote learning.
  • Strengthen reading proficiency through higher levels of phonemic awareness and phonological development.
  • Fluent blending, decoding, phonological sequencing, syllabication, multiple-spellings and advanced language structures etc.
  • Well-structured curriculum with graded reading books of various genres.
  • Hone aural, oral and comprehension skills through an array of multi-sensorial activities, such as reading theatre, speech and drama, role-plays and language games.
  • Interaction opportunities and real life applications for expressive and receptive language development.
Benefits For All Children
  • Build strong foundation in phonics, reading, spelling and comprehension
Highly Essential For Children
  • Beginning readers (2.5 years and above)
  • Experiencing reading, spelling and comprehension difficulties
  • Suspected or diagnosed with Dyslexia
  • English as Second Language (ESL) learners

*DDA™ is an entry requirement.

Fix an appointment for your child to go for our Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment (DDA) to identify your child’s learning and developmental strengths and weaknesses.