Did You Know?

The interdisciplinary cross/non-categorical intervention is most effective because it is customised around the individual child’s needs and their potential, instead of “blanket treatment” under a clinical diagnosis.

Bridge Individualised Educational Intervention (IEI)™ is the new Individualised Educational Plan (IEP)! It is an entirely learner-centric intervention programme customized to your child’s specific needs (both academic and non-academic) and not based on their label (E.g. ASD, APD, ADHD, etc.).

Bridge IEI™ tailor-made its curriculum around your child’s needs and abilities, as well as their specific learning difficulties, Learning Disability or giftedness. It is integrated with Bridge Neuro exercises to help supplement and strengthen attention, motor skills, sensory integration and overall learning capabilities.

A qualitative setting of time-framed goals, coupled with corresponding criterion-referenced assessment benchmarks, Bridge IEI™ is designed to bridge the gap between current performance and the optimal level of holistic function of your child. The continual monitoring and evaluative process is furnished by termly updates through the IEI Goals & Developmental Progress Record Form, Individualised Developmental and Progress Profile (IDPP) Reports and collaborative home support activities.

We understand that every child is unique in his/her own way thus through our IEI programme, we adapt to the characteristics of a child without compromising on the integrity of intervention quality.

Besides, if the child is enrolled with us for more than one programme, the various Early Intervention Specialists come together to work in partnership to ensure that the child learning needs’ are covered effectively in all aspects.


Recommended For Children Whom
  • Exhibit characteristics of learning difficulties
  • Suspected of or diagnosed with mild to moderate Learning Disabilities
  • Require individualised customised intervention for academic and non-academic needs (i.e. social-communication skills, behavioural modification)
  • Therapy alone is insufficient as child is higher functioning
  • Tuition is ineffective


  • Tailor-made curriculum customised around your child’s specific needs and abilities.
  • Identify current levels of educational performance and needs through DDA™.
  • Targeted development and benchmarks to bridge the learning gaps.
  • Detailed intervention plan may include both academic and non-academic areas.
  • (Behavioural, social-communication, emotional development, etc.)
  • Integrated Bridge Neuro Exercises to enhance optimal learning brain.
  • Systematic and continual monitoring and evaluation. Some of the tools used include:
    IEI Goals & Developmental Progress Record Form, Individualised Developmental and Progress Profiling (IDPP™) Reports and collaborative home support activities etc.


Highly Essential For Children

*DDA™ is an entry requirement.

Fix an appointment for your child to go for our Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment (DDA)™ to identify your child’s learning and developmental strengths and weaknesses.