The first specialised Mandarin early intervention programme in Singapore!

What is Bridge IEI™ Chinese?

Bridge IEI™ Chinese is a one-to-one tailor-made intervention programme, customised to your child’s specific needs (both academic Mandarin and non-academic gaps). We strategise its curriculum around your child’s needs and abilities, as well as their specific learning difficulties/ Learning Disabilities.

It is also integrated with our famously effective and proven Bridge NeuroGym™ exercises that help to supplement attention, motor skills, sensory integration and overall brain and learning capabilities.

The set of time-framed goals, together with our corresponding criterion-referenced assessment benchmarks, are designed to bridge the gaps between the current performance and an optimal level of functioning in Mandarin. The ongoing monitoring and evaluation process comes with the IEI Goals & Developmental Progress Record Form and collaborative home support activities.

  • Bridge Individualised Educational Intervention conducted in Mandarin
  • Learning difficulties in Chinese Language
  • Talented in Chinese Language
  • Build strong language foundation


Highly Essential For Children
  • Gifted or high-functioning
  • Underachieving and/or under-stimulated
  • Experience learning difficulties in Mandarin
  • Prefers Bridge IEI™ Individualised Educational Intervention to be conducted in Mandarin
  • Suspected or diagnosed with mild Learning Disability and desire to build up foundation of learning Mandarin
  • Build strong foundation in Mandarin Typical tuition and drills are ineffective
  • One-on-one tailor-made specialised intervention is needed

*DDA™ is an entry requirement.

Fix an appointment for your child to go for our Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment (DDA) to identify your child’s learning and developmental strengths and weaknesses.