哈佛小华文™ is a Mandarin learning programme developed carefully after listening to children’s desires. The curriculum was strategised around children’s developmental needs and characteristics to blend fun into learning.

It aims at developing Chinese communication skills, nurturing children’s confidence, interest and motivation in Chinese learning and inculcating the mindsets of “I Love Mandarin”, “I am willing to learn Mandarin” and “I need to learn Mandarin” from young.

Also, 哈佛小华文™ is established to aid in the mastery of preschool skills, preparing children for their literacy requirements in primary school.

Based on children’s cognitive characteristics of language acquisition, 哈佛小华文™ emphasises on developing their early language usage (including listening and speaking), early reading skills and prewriting skills by adopting thematic approach in its curriculum design.

It improves children’s receptive language, expressive language, conceptual development and social communication skills.
哈佛小华文™ is also integrated with our renowned proven and effective Harvard Little™ Neuro Exercises that help to reinforce attention, motor skills, sensory integration and overall brain and learning capabilities.

Closely following the preschool Chinese teaching instructional guidelines developed by the Ministry of Education Singapore, we adhere to our educational principles to:

  • set clear teaching goals,
  • select contents relevant in daily life,
  • apply various updated teaching methods flexibly, and
  • implement ongoing monitoring and evaluation on children’s learning process.

In addition, timely progress summary reports are provided in order to strengthen the communication and collaboration with parents/ guardians. Every effort is targeted at maximising children’s potential in Chinese learning.

Target Audience
  • Children aged 1.5 years old and above
  • Who has a desire to build up foundation of learning Mandarin
  • Who has difficulty in Chinese learning
  • Who uses Chinese as a second language
Session Frequency
  • 2 sessions per week
  • 60 minutes per session