Sensory Motor Integration Dysfunction/ Sensory Processing Disorder

What are the signs and symptoms of Sensory Motor Integration Dysfunction or Sensory Processing Disorder?

Child displays the following signs and symptoms:

  • behaviour issues: distractible, withdrawing when touched, avoid certain textures, clothes, foods
  • fearful reaction to ordinary movement activities, like playground play
  • sensitive to loud noise
  • may feel nausea and/or disorientation when they move, when their feet leave the ground, when their head position changes in relation to their body
  • seek out intense sensory experiences, such as body whirling, falling and crashing into objects
  • may show little or no reaction to stimulation, even pain or extreme hot and cold
  • May fluctuate between under- and over-responsiveness
  • constantly on the move or may be slow to get going and then fatigue easily
  • may have poor balance when e.g. hopping, standing on one leg. 
  • great difficulty learning a new task that requires motor coordination or appears awkward, stiff or clumsy
  • difficulty crossing the mid-line of the body
  • has not developed a dominant right or left hand or foot
  • has difficulty with directionality, confuses right and left
  • difficulty with eye-hand coordination, difficulty hitting a ball, copying from the blackboard
  • may have problems with handwriting, using scissors, tying shoes, buttoning and zipping clothes
  • may be impulsive or distractible, show lack of planning when approaching tasks or no anticipation of results for actions done
  • may have difficulty adjusting to a new situation or following directions
  • may get frustrated, aggressive, or withdrawn when encountering failure
  • may appear lazy, bored or unmotivated
  • may avoid tasks, become uncooperative and appear stubborn 
  • inability to make friends or be a part of a group

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Bridge Learning specialised early intervention programmes to intervene in Sensory Motor Integration Dysfunction/ Sensory Processing Disorder: