Dyscalculia (Difficulties in Mathematics)

What are the signs and symptoms of Dyscalculia?

Child displays the following signs and symptoms:

  • has difficulty counting objects just by looking at them
  • omit or skip number while counting
  • has difficulty differentiating similar sizes or measurements
  • poor understanding of Math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • reverse or misread numerical symbols or numbers e.g. read ‘+’ as ‘x’, ‘345’ as ‘435’
  • struggle to do mental calculation
  • struggle to understand and grasp Math concepts like sequence, formulas and mathematical rules
  • confuse in the sequence of the numerical order
  • difficulty in sustaining concentration for mental sums
  • poor memory in recalling names or faces, telephone numbers or addresses

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Bridge Learning specialised early intervention programmes to intervene in Dyscalculia: