Behavioural Difficulties

It is common for young children to be naughty, defiant or impulsive from time to time. 

However, some children may have extremely difficult and challenging behaviours that are not appropriate for their biological age. 

Some children may be well behaved in certain settings (e.g. in school or public places) and display certain inappropriate behaviour in another setting (e.g. at home).

Children who have behavioural difficulties display the following behaviours in all or certain settings:

  • hit or scratch others
  • touch or snatch things without permission
  • talk back or argue with friends or adults
  • have trouble making friends and maintaining good relationships with them
  • disrespectful to others (e.g. use rude words on others, shout or scream to demand things)
  • handle things roughly, throw and/or break things (other people’s toys, belongings, furniture etc.)
  • whine and cry loudly when they do not get their way
  • do not follow instructions and insist on doing things their way
  • lie on the ground, scream and kick when they do not get the things they want

Fix an appointment for your child to go for our Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment (DDA™) to identify your child’s learning and developmental strengths and weaknesses.

Bridge Learning specialised early intervention programmes to intervene in behavioural difficulties: