Attention Difficulties

What is attention?

Attention is the cognitive process whereby there is focus on one area of the environment while ignoring the other things that are taking place at the same time.

Attention includes listening to the teacher in the classroom while ignoring other background noises or conversation that are taking place or concentrate when the teacher is teaching instead of looking at other activities that are taking place.

Children who have attention difficulties display the following behaviours:

  • make careless mistakes in written work
  • have short attention span, find it difficult to sustain attention during a task or when playing
  • inattentive when spoken to directly
  • carry out part of the instructions given
  • homework given is incomplete
  • have difficulty organising complex tasks
  • forget things easily
  • lose or misplace important items
  • avoid or dislike activities that need long periods of concentration

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Bridge Learning specialised early intervention programmes to intervene in attention difficulties: