Areena Loo

About Our Founder and CEO

Areena Loo (Ms) is the Founder and CEO of Bridge Learning™, Singapore’s leading and one-stop Diagnostic Learning Support and Specialised Neuroscience-Based Intervention Centre.

She is a mother of two, a Young Global Leader of World Economic Forum, Alumna of Harvard and Yale Universities.

Passionate Educator

A veteran educator, specialist with more than 25 years of experience in specialised education. She is a skilled trainer since her Ministry of Education (MOE) days, she has conducted more than 10 000 Dynamic Diagnostic Assessments and countless professional training workshops, seminars and conferences for parents, educators, volunteers and the wider demographics.

With a striking portfolio as qualified school teacher, counsellor, trainer, specialist, assessor and more, Areena is an invaluable practitioner with vast experience. She has worked directly with children of a wide range of giftedness, social-communication, emotional, behavioural and learning challenges under her. She is inevitably adept with screening and assessment methodologies, case consultation, management and intervention works.

Her impressive track record of eclectic approach towards teaching and intervention is highly successful and popular with thousands of children. She has proved to be an enduring figure in the lives of the young and adult learners, besides being an effective educator.

Her experience in the mainstream education system accompanied with her specialist training give her edge in both fields and is a gem in helping struggling students who are capable of learning and excelling. She was also a adjunct tutor and supervisor at National Institute of Education (NIE) for training trainees and in-service teachers.

The Innovator

Being the inquisitive rebel, she challenges theories, pedagogies and existing practices in education. She creates the breakthrough Bridge Methodology and with her team, innovated numerous intellectual applications for children with special needs, mainstream children and professionals. They acted on the belief that Singaporeans are talents who can rise up to be on par and surpass our foreign counterparts in specialised education.

Areena’s humble beginnings, through fruition of her faith and convictions, have led her to be honoured with prestigious accolades. Among which, she was also crowned for her work towards the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 

The Social Entrepreneur

A celebrated Social Entrepreneur, Areena desires to create wealth through honourable and profitable businesses so as to reach out to the needy, poor, abused, oppressed children, orphans and street kids.

Her sphere of influence extends to her accomplishment as a rousing orator. Her ability to engage a wide spectrum of audience spans from undergraduates, working adults, entrepreneurs to professionals in the academia, social, business and government sectors. She has spoken extensively on topics from education, special needs, social entrepreneurship to global social issues.

As a Young Global Leader (YGL), she had the privilege of being the inaugural speaker to bring awareness to world leaders about the education of children with Learning Disabilities, at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Presently, Areena has devoted more time into early intervention advocacy and awareness to the wider demographics. She remains as committed as ever to Bridge Learning™ through her contributions as our CEO. 

As a cutting-edge Social Enterprise, Bridge Learning scores several firsts in Singapore. Bridge’s one-stop nature and functions make it a pioneer in Singapore. The credentials include innovative methodology and diagnostic programmes that combine therapy and academic works.  

DHL Inaugural Regional Young Entrepreneurs for Sustainability Awards (YES) Award 2007

YES Singapore Winner in Region
– Lian He Zao Bao, 31 August 2007

Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Honouree 2007

Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum WEF) 2011

Two S’porean Among WEF’s Global Leaders
– The Business Times, 11 March 2011